-April 23, 2009-----------------------------------------

Adam and I are official guests at the World Independent Film Expo in Richmond, KY. The event takes place May 15, 16, and 17 and tickets are only $6.50 for a day. Not bad eh? Hopewell is playing Friday on screen two at 8:30, Saturday at 6:00 on screen one and Sunday at 4:30 on screen one also. So if you have yet to see the film, come join us! We'd love to talk about whatever you want or if you just want to show up, cuss us and give us the finger, thats fine. It'll be a fun weekend friends!

Oh yea, for those of you out there that have seen CaRpOpHaSiA 2, do you remember the naked hitchhiker? This kid also made an appearance in Carpo1 several times when he was younger. Well my best friend, Will Wilder is QuickHillFilm's official score composer and today is his birthday! If you don't remember his name, he also goes by Willie DickNutts, Will G. Duflatchy, Tender-Titts Wilder, or most recently Willfred Van Beethoven. So if you have the time today, drop him a line and make up your own "Willie name". It's simple, just either use Will or Willie, a middle initial of J or G, and use a not so clean phrase after it. Try it and maybe you can coin him his next alias that he will be officially known as! Shoot him an e-mail here: wwilder01@bellarrmine.edu


-April 09, 2009-----------------------------------------

I apologize for the past months with no updates. I will make sure to stay on top of this from now on.

Hopewell is screening once more on KET! Tune in to KETKY on May 29 at 3AM to check out the film.

This past weekend, Hopewell was screened at the ComParaCon hosted by Commonwealth Paranormal at Blue Licks, KY. We had a hell of a time and look forward to the next one.

I don't think I ever mentioned that Hopewell has been split into four parts and is on YouTube. So in case you are dying to check out the film and have no DVD, check it out here. Some of the audio is not working correctly and I haven't called NASA yet to figure out why so viewing the DVD is much much better than on the internet. If you want a DVD, please e-mail me and all you have to do is pay for shipping which is only like $2. Not bad huh?

Other than that, nothing really has happened more in the world of Hopewell but you can rest assured when it does, you'll know. Thanks for visiting!


-September 21, 2008-----------------------------------------

Hello! I fixed a few image problems that some of you may have experienced so if there are any gallery photos or pictures of whatever that seem messed up, please let me know. Other than that, we now have the KET screening times for Hopewell! If you live in KY and aren't using the state-of-the-art standard four channel antenna service, chances are you get KET. So we are asking/begging everyone to please tune in on the screening dates, even if you aren't watching it so it will boost their ratings...therefore making it easier for us to screen our future films and other projects on KET. Those times are as listed below or click here to go directly to the KET site.

So we ask, PLEASE tune any TV you can think of in to KET at any/all of those designated times so KET's ratings will rise and we will get in good with them for the future. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

The Scarefest was a blast and for all of you who attended, I know you will agree with me. Meeting and hanging out with fans and hob-knobing(as Tim Hardin calls it. Not "Schlob-knobing" like Tom Savini knows it) with old celebrities makes life worth living. Adam and I were awfully sad to see it end but no worries. We will be there definitely next year with a couple new projects to show to the fans. I mentioned that DVDs were selling for $3, well we lowered them down to $2 and thats the reason why we had one of the most successful booths at the convention. As of now, there are over 150 copies floating around out there! So if you came and got a copy, PLEASE e-mail me and let me know what you think. I love to hear from people who have seen the film and would love to comment on it even if they didnt like it(although nobody has said that yet).


-March 10, 2008------------------------------------------

Welcome to the Official site of the award-winning short film, THE HOPEWELL HAUNTING! Please feel free to check things out and snoop around.

I will eventually add more sections to the site and update it frequently, so check back!